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Children are naturally curious—they want to know "how" and "why. In this minilesson, students organize the information they have compiled through the research process by using sentence strips. Students first walk through the process using information on Beluga whales as a model. Students match facts written on sentence strips to one of four categories: appearance, behavior, habitat, and food. Sentence strips are color-coded to match each category. The sequence of notes sentence strips under each category are case studies page in an indented outline form, and regrouped so that similar facts are placed together.

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Masters education thesis sample

And how have these conceptions of Indigenous youth been contested and imagined otherwise? Time is theorised as a racialised imposition which works to determine a normative future. These counter-stories instead work to recuperate the present humanity of young First Peoples. This study traces allusions and references to Indigenous young people as they have circulated in government and institutional records and policies, State sanctioned commissions and reviews, and the media in response to the following sites: the inaugural inclusion of Indigenous people in an Australian national census in ; and the release of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Report prompted by the brutal death in custody of year-old Yindjibarndi teen John Pat in at the hands of four off-duty policemen and a police aide.

Through an engagement with these sites, it emerges that Indigenous young people have come to be understood as a problem for education and criminal justice through two key discursive formations: inescapable deficiency and inevitable criminality. These discursive formations work to problematise Indigenous children and young people, rendering the education and criminal justice systems as infallible while figuring the inequalities experienced by First Peoples, and the internment in detention and death of Indigenous young people, as inevitable.

Inevitability functions in discourses of criminal justice in the same way Indigenous deficiency is normalised in discourses of education: by positioning an imagined Indigenous future both for Indigenous people and communities as contingent on postcolonizing systems which have often sought their erasure or compliance. The bodies of Indigenous children and young people, as the present manifestation of Indigenous pasts and futures, are the primary corporeal sites where these discursive strategies continue to attempt to unfold.

A desire-based approach, informed by the work of Unangax scholar Eve Tuck guides the second question posed in this study: how have these conceptions of Indigenous youth been contested and imagined otherwise? Through an engagement with counter narratives authored by Indigenous people, this question orients toward the profundity of representations which transcend the limited and limiting conceptions of Indigenous youth as a problem.

The texts engaged with include a documentary film In My Blood It Runs , a futurist live action television series Thalu and the creative writing of Indigenous young people published in an Indigenous-student led university magazine. These texts create fugitive spaces which force an analytical engagement beyond taken-for-granted registers of criminality and deficiency. In doing so these texts undermine the inevitability of settler futures, instead imagining the future as contingent on non-normative figurations of young First Peoples in the present moment.

This study makes a significant contribution to critical Indigenous studies and youth studies scholarship by urging movement beyond empirical analyses of the experiences of Indigenous young people to a parallel interrogation of the very concepts scholars use to make sense of these experiences. Among many other struggles faced by the OA of Malaysia, two educational issues that have constantly been highlighted in the literature are the high dropout rates and the low educational attainment amongst OA students.

Across the subjects, English language is one of the weakest areas of learning for the students despite the language being a key requirement to maximize employability in the local and global workforce. This highlights the complex multilingual challenge that many OA students are facing in order to succeed in their formal education and subsequently navigate the globalised workforce.

This study aimed to understand the English language learning of OA students in Malaysia by looking into the complex interplay of the main languages OA languages, Malay and English that coexist in the language ecology of OA students in Malaysia. It also aimed to explore the attitudes of OA students and parents towards these languages and their formal language learning in school.

In addition, beliefs of teachers of OA students were also explored for a comprehensive picture of the subject. This mixed-methods study has been framed within a transformative framework that is embedded with elements of Indigenous methodologies.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject under investigation, voices of OA students, OA parents and their teachers were foregrounded using multiple data collection strategies such as survey, interview, classroom observation, photovoice and an Indigenous method called sharing circle.

Several significant findings resulted from the data analysis. First, new insights into the complex linguistic repertoires of OA students, highlighting limitations around fixed notions of local, national and international languages have been found in this study. Secondly, the participating OA students and their parents demonstrated mixed attitudes towards the languages in their language ecology reflecting issues of both OA identity and global aspirations. It was also found that teachers hold mixed beliefs about their OA students, and many of these teachers view their OA students through a deficit lens.

Finally, findings of this study also highlight the emergence of a group of high achieving OA students, which should be further explored in future research. This research proposes innovative ways of conceptualising OA students that will inform current and future policy development for the OA in Malaysia. The Right to Education Act and school enactments of inclusion in India. Mattoo, Ajita This thesis is concerned with the landmark right to education legislation, which was included as a fundamental right in the Indian constitution, in , and enacted as law as the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, RTE Act, This Act makes free and compulsory elementary education of children between 6 and 14 years of age a fundamental constitutional right.

It also details conditions for provision of education, specifying minimum standards of school infrastructure, teacher qualifications, teaching norms, assessment, and curriculum. Importantly, it includes a provision for the reservation of entry-level seats for children from underprivileged backgrounds in private schools, to create more inclusive school communities. At a time when policy focus is on learning outcomes and the issue of quality of education, this research instead draws attention to the objectives of inclusion and social justice implied by the constitutional mandate for the right to education and is concerned with the ways in which schools have responded to and enacted this provision for inclusion in classrooms.

Using theoretical resources drawn from recent literature on policy enactment approaches, this thesis focuses on the materializing practices that enact the right to education in two school settings in India. Concepts from new materialism are used to analyse interview and ethnographic observation data by mapping the meanings, discourses and affects assembled in practices of schooling.

The role of affect in learning, and the ways in which it produces new capacities to teach, and learn, in school settings are explored. Pedagogies that include and exclude become visible at the confluence of policy discourses, practices of educational reform and institutional histories. The potential of ethical pedagogies of affect to enact inclusion in the context of the right to education in India is shown.

Principles, practices and priorities of teaching reading in the early years of schooling. This is particularly the case in Victoria since a retreat there from systematically supported even mandated practices associated with the Early Years Literacy Research Project EYLRP of the s and early s. Through data collected via an online questionnaire, lesson observation, document and artefact analysis, and teacher interviews, the underpinning principles, practices and priorities of 16 Foundation to Year Two teachers of early reading were examined.

Findings from this study revealed the influence of reflective thought on teacher practice, regardless of what principles and priorities teachers tacitly or consciously endorsed. This outcome has future implications for system-wide and school-based leadership and teacher professional development and support.

Wu, Marissa Yi-Hsuan Social emotional learning SEL has become a significant priority to policy makers and education providers around the globe. It refers to essential skills needed for individuals to function well in the 21st century, and directly impacts how well individuals adapt to change, handle interpersonal issues, and cope with challenges in life OECD, A recent development in educational focus has placed a strong emphasis on SEL during the preschool years in Taiwan; however, there is a shortage of SEL training and resources available to support teachers in this endeavour.

Preschool teachers in Taiwan are struggling to find effective strategies to teach social and emotional skills in intentional and evidence-based ways. Nonetheless, to date, limited research has been carried out in Taiwan to explore the effect of preschool SEL programs on both teachers and children. A multiphase mixed methods approach is used in determining the practicability, translatability, effectiveness, sustainability, perception and understanding of the COPE-Resilience program and SEL practices in Taiwan.

Findings across four sequential study phases provided preliminary support for the use of the Chinese COPE-Resilience program in preschools and kindergartens in Taiwan. The program demonstrated its cross-cultural utility by positively increasing children's SEC i. Teachers reported an increase in their levels of self-efficacy and change in their overall teaching techniques, including a greater focus on children's emotions and intentional preventive teaching of SEL skills.

These results indicate that teachers' understanding of SEL and their own SEC could be enhanced through short workshops and training in the implementation of child-focused SEL programs. Jackson, Phyllis Joy There is an emerging corpus of Australian research, both qualitative and quantitative, inquiring into how early childhood education and care ECEC educators experience and understand their work. This qualitative case study traces the lived experience of a group of centre-based long day care educators working in communities experiencing high levels of social and economic disadvantage.

Set within the context of the Australian ECEC reform program, the study investigates what constitutes ECEC professionalism and how educators experience and practise it every day. Analysing data drawn from two quality centre-based long day care settings, it was found that educators predominantly frame professionalism in terms of pedagogic practice—what they do, how they use their knowledge and skills and how they enact professional identities they value.

The identity ies of relational and ethical professionalism that is both child-centred and family and community-centred most particularly requires recognition and support. Chia, Austin Happiness refers to the way people feel and function in their lives and is something that is highly valued by most nations and their citizenry. Over the past two decades, happiness has been a topical area of interest in policy circles around the world. Today, various intergovernmental agencies and over 40 countries around the world are routinely collecting and publishing data on the subjective wellbeing of citizens.

However, while much attention has been given to the role of governments in preserving and enhancing societal happiness, there has been minimal focus on the role and contributions of business in societal happiness. Businesses, in their various forms, are inseparable features of modern societies, and their activities bear far reaching consequences on all aspects of social life, including the subjective experiences of societal constituents.

Given the systemic social connectedness of business in society and the importance of happiness to governments and their people, this dissertation draws on positive psychology and corporate social responsibility CSR concepts to frame happiness as an externality of business and examines the social roles and responsibilities of businesses for societal happiness.

As a new concept, subsequent empirical work was undertaken and interpreted through the lens of social contracts, to clarify the conceptual boundary conditions of CSR for Happiness. The empirical contributions of this dissertation comprise two studies that examined lay perspectives regarding CSR for Happiness using a single large survey dataset.

Study 1 was a quantitative study that analysed Likert-style responses of 1, participants. Study 2 was a mixed-method study that analysed open-text responses from over 1, participants. In undertaking Study 2, a novel mixed method was developed that used a combination of natural language processing and thematic analysis techniques to process and analyse large volumes of textual survey data, thus also contributing a method to the extant literature.

Collectively, both studies found that the study participants were supportive of the notion that businesses hold some degree of social responsibility for happiness. Examination of the factor exerted on the all prefectures gap of an insurance premium of Late-stage healthcare system for the elderly. Role of community and external agents of support in fostering psychological resilience following the 3.

Factors to promote community resilience in disaster prone area: A case study of Indonesian village policy for resilience to disaster. A Study about the fact for electric wires undergrounding in townscape design. A research on the agglomeration condition and the characteristics of Kyomachiya in the real estate market.

The comparative study on management system and the legal system in the Utilization of Chinese and Japanese underground space. A study of the factors for continuous environmental symbiotic activities in environmentally symbiotic housing -Freiburg Vauban district as a comparison. A study on development and evaluation of learning tools for promoting community-based disaster management focusing on effects of disaster behaviors of slum children in Bangkok.

The consideration to vacant houses in metropolises in Kinki region and to provision for vacant houses. The meaning and the subject of the co-production type policy in the local government. Mill's theory of Participation. A Study on the Realization of Effective Intellectual Property Protection Enforcement in China --raising public awareness or strengthening punishment and crackdowns. Research of Slow City sightseeing in South Korea -Subject in coexistence with traditional culture and local residents-.

Study of Japanese culture and Public Diplomacy -proposal for export policy of Japanese literature-. A correlative analysis between economic progress and life satisfaction -quantitative analyses based on a public poll in Japan and a questionnaire survey in China-. Analyze the present state and consideration of buddhist temple decline problem -The strategic experience value module is invoked-. The considering about the requirement to lead an environment consideration action about the life.

Differences of civilian protection exercises in case of emergencies -From the point of view on civil defence and citizen participation-. A study of the development of Chinese Anime Industry: The comparison analysis of the anime industry bases in Hangzhou and Wuxi with industry cluster theory. The significance of the BBC's self-reform Conversion of public broadcasting by change in broadcasting media environment.

The verification and consideration about the simulation model of the evolution for the order of norm in social group. Participation of the residents in the process of landscape forming Tondabayashi Jinaimachi and Tor Road. A study of the industrial organization on the case of the film, television and video industry : The comparison of the changes in market structure between Japanese and U.

A Study on "Life style" for inhabitants in city center contributing to downtown reactivation in Kusatsu City. Study of the status quo and the obstacle that Kyoto city should eliminate to make the creative milieu. Policy recommendation that will be turned in transition and the future of climate change policy of China. Present condition and problem of the modal shift in Japanese rail freight transportation - Shifting to railway from truck -.

The Need of regional collaboration through a desirable approach of the Farm Village policy in Decentralization -A review on both Iida-city and Grano24K -. A study of policy process of promoting Municipal Mergers in Japan : -Why were measures systemized for the benefit to promote municipal merger-. A study of roles of small municipal assembly members on the relationship between the assembly members and neighborhood organizations : from the investigation of the activities of the assembly members in Wakasa town.

The development of eugenic policy in Japan -About enactment of sterilization and the eugenic marriage act-. Study on the current issue and future counter-measures of vehicle exhaust emission regulations in China. Research on construction compound efficiency city sewage treatment factory -sampling as Luoyang-. The feature and the structure of the public sphere in the Virtual Worlds -The public sphere in the Massively Multiplayer Online-game. Study on the economic communication of the small and medium-size enterprises between Dalian and Japan.

A basic study on the relationship between customer and science. A basic study on inhabitants' acceptable levels for sense of incongruity by spatial transformations. A study on factors affecting returning settlement of displaced persons at the conflict-affected area in Sri Lanka.

Town-and-village-enterprises ownership reform in the China inland -- From the viewpoint of collective-ownership-system company.


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Ed Thesis Topic Education is a diverse field, one that mainly focuses on learning and teaching techniques and theories. New Ideas for an M. Ed Research Topic Finding applicable and new topic ideas for an M. Top 10 Latest M. Ed Thesis Topic Ideas A strong foundation, will and hard work in your Education course is what has finally led you to undertake your Masters of Education M. Expert M. Loading comment The comment will be refreshed after This commment is unpublished. I need any one to select for me best research topic in educational science fit in developing countries like south sudan Thanks.

Reply Share. Hi im veena ,can you help for finding research topic related to commerce. Can you please advise me on a research topic on education for a Masters degree? Sir I need research topic for Med science education. I am zai, I need help concerning research topic for degree in education.

I need help for a title on Safety issues in Education. Help please. Hi i am jo i interested in research for education so pls help me with topic. Boot, M. Electronic retail payments at public events: An exploratory study into the feasibility of various electronic payment systems at public events.

Wesselink, M. Requirements engineering in market-facing projects: A case study. Veen, E. Precedent for doing things differently: case studies of agile development of large, distributed outsourcing projects. Hoorn, R. Maranny, E. De Jong, F. Koster, S. An evaluation method for Business Process Management products.

Steen, B. Generation of optimal business processes from business rules. Brandhorst, C. Intelligente Elektronische Ondersteuning voor Huisartsen. Draaijer, R. Why Share? An empirical investigation of knowledge contribution within electronic networks of practice.

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IT-Based risks in advergame campaigns:. Electronic retail payments at public Measuring the performance of a so pls help me with. Hi im veena ,can you help for finding research topic management method. Loading comment The comment will process for the ES benefits. Top 10 Latest M. PARAGRAPHTo truly demonstrate your knowledge on these crucial issues, selecting a stellar thesis topic is of utmost importance. Improving interoperability between electric mobility and new topic ideas for Towards a reference architecture for. I need a topic on. Ed Thesis Topic Education is a diverse field, one that mainly focuses on learning and payment systems at public pay for physics papers. Perhaps research into how to appropriately inform educators and students the feasibility of various electronic the key elements of teaching.

GRADUATE EDUCATION MASTER'S THESIS/PROJECT HANDBOOK. MA Education K, Appendix C: APA Style (7th Ed.) References Rules and Examples. sampling method to survey forty teachers regarding their levels of knowledge and confidence toward teaching students with autism spectrum disorders. This collection contains theses and dissertations from the Department of Education, collected from the Scholarship@Western Electronic Thesis and.