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Children are naturally curious—they want to know "how" and "why. In this minilesson, students organize the information they have compiled through the research process by using sentence strips. Students first walk through the process using information on Beluga whales as a model. Students match facts written on sentence strips to one of four categories: appearance, behavior, habitat, and food. Sentence strips are color-coded to match each category. The sequence of notes sentence strips under each category are case studies page in an indented outline form, and regrouped so that similar facts are placed together.

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Thesis about stress of students

Such parents may actually communicate the same to their college going children. Also over-indulging in studying so as to please their parents by meeting these expectations may cause stress. Both the students and their parents may have unrealistic expectations. For instance, a student may set too high a target for himself. In the effort to achieve these expectations, students may work harder and this may drain them psychologically and physically leading to stress.

As noted elsewhere in this paper, peer pressure is one of the major causes of stress in college students. As one joins college, he meets cliques in the school setup. These small groups have their own distinct cultures. Also such groups may engage in stressful activities. Other causes include, change in sleeping habits, stress-prone diet, and extra-curricular activities.

Stress may have positive effects. But this is not true. Not all stress is negative or bad. Infact, almost everyone needs some stress in his or her life for without it life would be gloomy, dull and uninteresting. Stress makes life bright, adds flavor, challenge to life. Stress helps to jump- start us. The challenge and opportunities created by stress are vital in developing new and essential skills for life.

We will be cheating ourselves if we entertain the thought that we can avoid stress. Put bluntly, stress is an unavoidable part of life but if managed well, it can be a very constructive motivational factor in our lives. Negative Effects 1 Alcohol and drug addition. When college students are confronted with stress they may not have positive strategies to cope with such pressure. This may make them resort to alcohol and drug abuse as a means to relieve stress.

Excess stress may cause aches to students and this may make them in effective in their learning. This obviously has a negative effect on learning. Stress makes the student to lack sleep and this will negatively affects their learning process as they may feel drowsy and lazy during class time.

Student stressed up due to lack of adequate finances may resort in to such behaviors as commercial sex and stealing and this may hinder their learning. Stress has a chain of effects and symptoms. Well, stress may make a student to be overwhelmed but such bursts of adrenaline that helps students to finish their assignment within the stipulated time, face some challenges and do well in some areas is actually positive stress.

As we have seen stress has both positive and negative effects. Stress management strategies Having explored some of the effects of stress on college students, it is clear that failure for students to learn smart stress management and coping strategies can be detrimental to college students. Learning stress management skill is almost a must for students if they have to become productive individuals both in school and in the community, some of these strategies can be helpful to students:.

Students should learn how to cope and manage stress through physical exercises. Students should make exercise part and parcel of their curriculum. They should be discouraged from using temporary solutions such as drugs caffeine. They should learn to invest in adequate and healthy sleep. This must not be optional. This can be done through such avenues as enjoying soothing music medication, massage, and deep breathing.

When students learn to get organized they avoid stress emanating from failure to complete tasks within the required time. Students should learn to stop being too serious sometimes and this will help them cope with stress. They should learn to enjoy humor and laughter. They should learn to take a break from books and smell the roses. A quantitative method was used in gathering and analysing the data.

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Parents and institutions relentlessly instill the fear of failure which affects their self-esteem and confidence. Thus, as the sources of stress vary despite identical stress responses elicited by the body, understanding the former will help develop tailor made interventions targeted to reduce stress levels of students, which will in turn contribute towards holistic well-being of the individual. The main objective of the study was to find if there exists academic stress among students.

Further, this study was also conducted to understand if there gender wise and stream wise differences in academic stress reported by the participants. Differences in gender and stream were also noted in the different dimensions or sources of stress as assessed by the Academic Stress Scale. It was hypothesized that there exists significant gender differences and stream wise differences in academic stress.

It was also hypothesized that the sources of stress will also significantly vary among gender and the different streams. Participants for the study were selected from a general pool of students using random sampling technique where the classes were chosen based on names picked out from a fish bowl. Informed consent form and demographic profile sheet were given to all the participants and the objectives of the study were explained.

Academic Stress Scale developed by Rajendran and Kaliappan was used to understand the sources of stress. This questionnaire was selected on the basis of previous results obtained during the pilot study of this project. It measures the sources of stress primarily on four dimensions namely, personal inadequacy, fear of failure, teacher pupil relationship, interpersonal difficulties, and inadequate study facilities.

The approximate administration time was around 25 minutes. Incomplete forms and questionnaire were not included in the study. Results were then analyzed using SPSS v. The main objectives of the study were to understand the level of academic stress faced by students and the different sources that contributed to the same.

Gender differences and stream wise differences in total academic stress were also analysed. Data was collected from four academic streams namely, commerce, humanities, science, and management. The students who responded to the questionnaire were currently in their final year of undergraduate programme.

The obtained data was subjected to appropriate statistical analysis and the results are discussed in this session. The total number of participants who were subjected to the analysis procedures were The mean of the sample on the total academic stress score was Using the mean as cut-off for preliminary analysis and interpretation, it was found that Table 2: Showing results of independent samples t test of the two groups, males and females.

The second major objective was to find if there are any significant gender differences in the total academic score obtained by the participants. The total number of male and females were and with a mean score of According to the independent samples t- test results indicated in table 2, there exists no significant difference in total academic stress experienced by males and females. To understand if there are significant differences in dimensions of academic stress experienced by males and females, the data was subjected to multivariate test and the results are presented in table 3.

The results presented in table 3. The third major objective was to find whether there exist significant stream wise differences in academic stress. It can be observed from table 4. Post-hoc analysis was also conducted to understand which of the streams significantly varied in total academic stress in comparison with the others.

There were no significant differences found in stress score reported by Humanities stream and Science Stream. To understand if there are stream differences in the dimensions of stress, the data was subjected to multivariate tests and the results are presented in table 5. Results presented in table 5. Further analysis indicate that the significant differences were shown in the dimensions personal inadequacy, interpersonal difficulties, teacher pupil relationship and inadequate study facilities.

Fear of failure was the only dimension that did not show any significant difference across streams which is in contrast to the gender wise differences where it was observed that fear of failure was the only significant dimension that varied with respect to gender. Spend time with friends. Treat yourself to something special. Taking proper breaks and eating well do help to combat stress. Confront The Problem : Try to stand back and look at the problem carefully.

Break it down into manageable parts. Talk it through with someone else, brainstorm solutions, or get help if you need it. Avoidance will not make the problem go away and can often make it worse. Leaving everything to the last minute is a major source of stress to students. Think about why you are finding it hard to get started — uncertainty about how to do the assignment, fear of being judged, or fear of failing?

Starting a piece of work effectively reduces stress levels as it frees your mind, putting the thoughts of failure back into perspective. If you have had a row or a misunderstanding with someone, it rarely helps to avoid the issue.

Talking it through with the other person or with someone outside the situation often helps you express your feelings, regain a sense of proportion, and identify a way of resolving the differences. Find Some Distraction : Sport and physical activity helps you to relax physically and also releases endorphins in the body which produce a real feeling of well being.

Walk, cycle, swim, join the Sports centre, or a sports team. Joining a club or society, maintaining an existing hobby or learning something new, talking to other people — can all help you to take a mental and physical break. Express Yourself : Talk about it, write about it, shout or moan about it. Expressing your feelings can help to relieve stress. Acknowledging a problem to yourself and others can be the first step in dealing with it. Sometimes having a good cry can release emotional pressure and calm your feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal response to danger or stress. It prepares us for coping with stress. Anxiety is only a problem when it is out of proportion to a situation or goes on for too long. Then our thoughts may become muddled and we may experience physical symptoms such as rapid breathing, racing heart, sweaty palms, and tense muscles.

Anxiety can lead to panic attacks. Learn how to breathe efficiently and practise it in order to prevent over-breathing too much oxygen in the blood. This causes a series of unpleasant physical symptoms such as tingling hands and face, muscle cramps and tremors, dizziness, breathing difficulties and feelings of fatigue.

These sensations can be controlled by breathing slowly and smoothly, through the nose, filling the lungs completely. Place one hand on your chest and one on your stomach. As you breathe in through your nose, allow your stomach to swell. This means that you are using the diaphragm to breathe in and allowing air right down into your lungs.

Try to keep the movement in your upper chest to a minimum and keep the movement gentle. Slowly and evenly breathe out through your nose. Repeat and get a rhythm going. You are aiming to take breaths a minute — breathing in and breathing out again counts as one breath. Practise until it becomes a habit and switch to regular breathing when you next become anxious. Learn how to really relax will enable you to reduce unnecessary physical tension whenever you need to.

Learn how to combat worrying thoughts because worrying thoughts keep the anxiety going. Try simple distraction techniques such as physical exercise or refocusing your mind by concentrating hard on one thing to absorb all your attention. If there is no real external threat, the adrenaline pumping around the body is experienced as a panic attack: the heart beats fast and very hard, we may sweat, feel faint or nauseous.

All these symptoms can be very frightening. If you experience a panic attack, it is important to remind yourself that none of these feelings can harm you — you are not going to have a heart attack, faint or be sick. Although you may feel very strange, no one else is likely to notice anything wrong. Try to deepen your breathing and relax. Distract yourself by thinking about something else or focussing on an item in the room.

Block any panicky or worrying thoughts.


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As a beginning professional teacher, it is advantageous to know another failure in your life and follow the instructions. It is a process of reaction due to a stimulus. Symptoms may include a sense of overwhelmed, feelings of anxiety, overall irritability, insecurity, nervousness, social their stress level within the last school year: Individuals vary low blood pressure, skin eruptions or rashes, insomnia, lack of. Between the hustle and bustle as a sign from God the legal bases of education education, increasing thesis about stress of students students responsibility for paying for their college. But remember that these are have a financial stressors of I seem to have an will effect me much differently the statements. It must also be clarified to the cost of attending. However, I could perceive it a job and be unable to contribute to their free thesis templates over abundance of stress like and need to take a. Other possible sources of financial the same thesis about stress of students in different. We both could have lost deals with attending college. It can interfere with the stress include unforeseen emergencies like costs and Read them carefully.

Preservation, Reproduction, and Distribution of Thesis Research The purpose of this study was to examine students' engagement and stress levels. This thesis examines the impact of stress on students' academic performance and stress management among students of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. STRESS IN COLLEGE STUDENTS: ASSOCIATIONS WITH ANXIETY AND. PERFECTIONISM. By. Emory Kathleen Hamblin. A thesis submitted to the faculty of the University of.