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Children are naturally curious—they want to know "how" and "why. In this minilesson, students organize the information they have compiled through the research process by using sentence strips. Students first walk through the process using information on Beluga whales as a model. Students match facts written on sentence strips to one of four categories: appearance, behavior, habitat, and food. Sentence strips are color-coded to match each category. The sequence of notes sentence strips under each category are case studies page in an indented outline form, and regrouped so that similar facts are placed together.

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International phd thesis database

Theses: International theses This guide is designed to assist with locating theses either from Monash or from other institutions around the world. Monash University Research Repository. Document Delivery. It contains millions of records describing items owned by libraries around the world. Each record contains library holdings.

It describes: books; computer data files; computer programs; films and slides; journals; magazines; manuscripts; maps; musical scores; newspapers; sound recordings; videotapes; CDs; CD-ROMs, etc. It does not include individual articles, stories in journals, newspapers or book chapters.

Covers thousands of subjects and includes material in languages, dating from as early as before B. American doctoral dissertations American Doctoral Dissertations provides electronic access to the only comprehensive record of dissertations accepted by American universities during that time period, the print index Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities.

It contains more than , theses and dissertations in total from to the present Newly enhanced with an additional 80, citations for theses and dissertations, the new citations include a link to access the full text, when available, via the Institutional Repository where the thesis or dissertation is housed such as OhioLINK, Rochester Institute of Technology and North Carolina State University. DART-Europe : e-theses portal. This is a searchable database of electronic research theses held in European repositories.

The theses listed are open access - publicly available, in full, without charge. The DART-Europe Portal does not store theses, but it provides a link to at least one electronic copy of every thesis listed in its database. DART-Europe holds as much information as possible about each thesis, but this can vary, depending on the source of the information.

EThOS makes UK theses e and paper based available via a 'one-stop-shop' by harvesting e-theses from institutional repositories and digitising paper theses on-demand from researchers. The British Library, in collaboration with many UK universities and other associations, aims to provide over , theses produced by the UK higher education system on an open access model to all researchers and others requiring information. Some theses are available for immediate download, while others can be requested from a participating institution which then sends the thesis to the British Library for digitisation.

An international organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, creation, use, dissemination and preservation of electronic analogues to the traditional paper-based theses and dissertations. Indexes approximately 5 million theses and dissertations. Countries and Regions.

Theses are primarily in English, some are in English and Chinese, while others are in Chinese only. Access to , open access research theses from Universities in 28 European countries. Europe - Scandinavia - DiVA Portal Digital Scientific Archive Archive of theses, dissertations and other publications in full-text from 44 universities and higher education institutes, mainly from Scandinavian regions.

A large proportion of the documents are theses and in English. It provides English and French keywords and abstracts though the title and text of the theses are in French. Full text of most of the theses is available for online display and download.

You can search Copac in Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese or whatever language your keyboard will allow you to type in.


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Online 1. Anthropogenic changes are altering large and medium sized mammal densities in forest ecosystems across the world, causing significant declines in their abundance and impacting their many contributions to the functioning of ecosystems and their services to humanity.

Although animal-forest trophic interactions i. Yet, the few studies available are beginning to show that non-trophic not consumptive interactions could significantly impact the current and future functional integrity of forest ecosystems. In order to contribute to close that knowledge gap, I conducted a global analysis to determine the influence of non-trophic damage on forest ecosystems by collecting studies conducted at a global scale and investigating the extent of non-trophic damage under differing levels of mammalian defaunation.

The hypothesis of this research was that, if non-trophic damage is an important and consistent occurrence in forest ecosystems, areas in which large and medium- sized animals are present should have higher non-trophic damage than areas that have been defaunated. To test the hypothesis, I compiled studies in which artificial seedlings were used to quantify animal non-trophic damage on plants of the understory.

In my literature search, for each study I compared animal impact data i. The difference in percentage damage to artificial seedlings per site was statistically evaluated using a linear mixed effects model. The results show that out of 16 sampled sites, 14 showed higher mortality of seedlings in control treatments which, overall, experienced a 7-times higher non-trophic damage compared to defaunated treatments.

These results suggest that the structure of understory plant communities will be affected by the negative anthropogenic impact on animal populations. I posit that the functional integrity of forest ecosystems may be at risk if these animals are lost. Therefore, their protection is imperative. Online 2. Accumulation and heritability of mutations in reef-building corals []. Whether a mutation affects the organism it arises in, the offspring of that organism, or both depends on what type of cell it arises in.

In many animals, mutations in germ cells are inherited by the offspring, whereas somatic cells are generally thought not to be inherited. Somatic mutations can cause cancer, aging, and general genome instability. However, plants and many basal animal taxa may lack embryonic germ-soma distinction.

Colonial reef-building corals can grow to be meters across, live for hundreds to thousands of years while maintaining fertility, and almost never develop recognizable tumors. Whether they have embryonic germline segregation is controversial. All of this makes them a pivotal group in which to understand genome maintenance.

Corals also create critical ecosystems that are threatened by many stressors, including ocean warming. Mutation research in corals thus has far-reaching implications for the study of genome integrity and cell lineage development, as well as for the capacity of these animals to adapt when faced with selective pressures. In this dissertation I characterize the rates and patterns of somatic, germ, and stem cell mutations in corals.

I also compare the rates of different types of mutations in corals living under normal conditions to those living in former nuclear test sites. The results yield insight into genome maintenance dynamics and somatic mutation inheritance in a colonial organism with a position in the tree of life that suits it to be key in understanding the evolution of germline-soma distinction.

It also points to how population diversity arises in these animals, key information when considering how they may adapt in the coming years. Online 3. Adaptable stem cell differentiation in the adult Drosophila intestinal epithelium []. Sanders, Erin Nicole, author. Resident stem cells replace damaged and dying cells by dividing and differentiating, stimulated by signals emanating from the dying cells themselves.

How stem cells precisely tune their differentiation to match division and death rates in real time remains a largely open question. First, I present a novel method for live imaging the adult Drosophila midgut while still intact in the living organism. With this method I am able to monitor in real time the dynamics of stem cell divisions, differentiation, and loss in the midgut.

I am able to precisely measure Notch activity over time and find that a threshold level of Notch defines stem cells from their intermediate progenitors, enteroblasts. Second, I find that injury alters differentiation rates and blurs normally distinct features of stem cells, enteroblasts and terminally differentiated enterocytes.

I measure rates of Notch activation and deactivation, indicators of where cells are in the differentiation process and find that both are accelerated in injured midguts. Injury raises Notch activity in mitotic stem cells beyond the enteroblast threshold and maintains Notch activity longer in maturing cells.

The injury response pathway JAK-STAT appears to play a role in the acceleration of Notch deactivation kinetics and blurring between enteroblast and enterocyte characteristics, suggesting that JAK-STAT plays more of a role in regulating enterocyte maturation than enteroblast specification. Finally, I find that food consumption affects population wide Notch activity levels and excessive activation of insulin signaling might also lead to blurring between stem and enteroblast identities.

Online 4. Adaptive and efficient batch reinforcement learning algorithms []. Liu, Yao, author. However, real-world applications of reinforcement learning algorithms often cannot have high-risk online exploration. To bridge this gap, this dissertation investigates how to perform reinforcement learning from an offline dataset, named batch reinforcement learning methods.

We provide theoretically justified new algorithms, as well as empirical validation in simulation and real datasets. More specifically, this dissertation studies the two main aspects of batch reinforcement learning. How to evaluate a policy given a fixed dataset collected by other policies? Offline policy evaluation is a challenging counterfactual reasoning problem, in these partial-information and sequential settings.

The solution to this problem relies on two types of estimators: direct model-based estimators and importance re-weighing estimators. We propose a model-based estimator with mean-square error bound and analyze a variance reduction heuristic for importance sampling. How to learn a new policy from a fixed dataset collected by other policies?

Prior theoretical justification relies on strong assumptions about the data distribution and thus is less informative to guide practice. We propose the idea of pessimism to constrain the policy search space and avoid instability. Following this intuition, we proposed three new algorithms: the first convergent policy gradient, value function learning with finite sample error bounds, and avoiding the overfitting in direct policy gradient.

The primary contribution of this dissertation is advancing the foundations of batch RL and develop batch RL algorithms with provable guarantees under realistic assumptions. One of the driving goals is finite-sample error bounds for algorithms in function approximation settings. To that end, this dissertation makes progress in both policy evaluation and policy learning problems by studying the theory of these problems and using the theoretical insights to derive new algorithms with strong empirical performance as well.

Online 5. Accurate and efficient simulation of the fluid flow and transport in the subsurface remains a challenging task. In implicit pressure explicit saturation IMPES formulation, the elliptic flow equation is discretized implicitly, whereas the hyperbolic transport equation is explicit. To ensure stability, the latter requires the choice of a sufficiently small timestep size, such that the local Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy CFL condition is not violated.

This restriction leads to a large number of small global timestep sizes which drives the simulation very expensive. In order to take advantage of the local nature of the CFL condition, many local time-stepping methods were proposed. We eliminate the most expensive step of the original algorithm and describe the details of local timestep size assignment to ensure stability for non-convex non-monotone flux functions.

We investigate the performance of the scheme for a number of model problems with various physics including the tracer problem, immiscible two-phase flow in presence of buoyancy and the black oil model. We show that with modified ACTI, the size of the global timestep for explicit update of the transport can be chosen several orders of magnitude larger than that of standard IMPES.

As a result, a speed-up of an order of magnitude is achieved in the number of flux and cell updates while maintaining negligible discrepancies in the solution when compared to conventional IMPES. Jenny, Time adaptive conservative finite volume method," Journal of Computational Physics, vol.

Online 6. Adaptive Evolution in Cancer Metastasis []. Nevertheless, there exist few therapeutic options for the treatment of metastatic cancer. Thus, understanding of metastasis is critical to developing new clinical insights and therapeutic options. Cancer and metastasis are evolutionary processes driven at least in part by genetic changes that are generated under drift and selection. Somatic copy number alterations SCNAs , the most common genetic change in the cancer genome, occur when multiple copies of the genome are gained or lost and have been shown to strongly influence cancer gene expression.

While previous studies have predominantly focused on SCNAs and gene expression patterns in primary cancer, fewer studies have investigated their role in metastatic cancer. This study focused on SCNAs and identified gene expression patterns under selection during the process of metastasis, in which the corresponding genes were hypothesized to underlie metastasis. We developed a statistical approach based on the quantitative trait loci sign test, a well-established method to detect selection, to identify SCNAs and gene expression patterns under selection specifically in metastasis.

Importantly, we found that the genes under selection more in metastatic cancer than primary cancer were up-enriched for tolerance induction, a process that inhibits the immune system, and down-enriched for opsonization, a process that marks targets of the immune system.

This suggests that the evasion of the immune system may be a critical process that allows metastasis to occur. In sum, this study identified candidate driver genes that underlie metastasis. Identifying such driver genes may contribute to the development of new clinical insights and therapeutic options, and ultimately reduce the massive contribution of metastasis to cancer morbidity and mortality.

Online 7. Adaptive experiments and a rigorous framework for type I error verification and computational experiment design []. Sklar, Michael Benjamin, author. In recent decades, modern statistics has found something to trade: at the price of additional complexity and the loss of Gaussian behavior of our estimators, we can get faster, more robust, more flexible, and more efficient experiments through the use of adaptive designs.

This thesis covers breakthroughs in several areas of adaptive experiment design: i Chapter 2 Novel clinical trial designs and statistical methods in the era of precision medicine. Online 8. Adaptive games for education: performance and engagement in preschoolers []. Active learning—allowing learners to direct their own studies—is a key part of some educational theories and practices but is not well-understood in terms of its underlying mechanisms or effectiveness at different ages.

Meanwhile, cognitive psychology studies have found that adults can benefit from being given self-direction in some types of tasks, and school-aged children can also benefit in simplified versions of these paradigms.

Here I extend these past studies in two ways: studying younger children, whose metacognitive skills which likely play a role in effective self-directed learning are still developing, and using real-world stimuli for which children may have varying degrees of prior knowledge.

In this multi-session study, I explore whether an active learning advantage can be found in preschoolers ages using a tablet game that teaches letter and number recognition over a week. I compare performance and engagement in two conditions: active learners are able to control time allocation between letter and number games that adapt to their level of knowledge; control learners follow a standard curriculum with no adaptive game dynamics.

Despite the challenges presented by the adaptive curriculum, I find that active learners performed just as well as their peers who followed a standard curriculum. Online 9. Advances in data-driven financial econometrics and item response theory : theory and applications []. Liu, Chenru, author. The first part of this thesis focuses on a theoretical stochastic volatility model for option pricing.

We propose a continuous-time stochastic volatility model based on an arithmetic Brownian motion: a one-parameter extension of the normal stochastic alpha-beta-rho SABR model. Using two generalized Bougerol's identities in the literature, the study shows that proposed model has a closed-form Monte-Carlo simulation scheme and that the transition probability for one special case follows Johnson's SU distributiona popular heavy-tailed distribution originally proposed without stochastic process.

It is argued that the SU distribution serves as an analytically superior alternative to the normal SABR model because the two distributions are empirically similar. The second part of this thesis gives a bias corrected algorithm of the least square Monte Carlo LSM algorithm for pricing American options. The traditional LSM estimator contains undesirable look-ahead bias, and the conventional technique of removing it necessitates doubling simulations.

We also show that look-ahead bias is asymptotically proportional to the regressors-to-simulation paths ratio. Our findings are demonstrated with several option examples, including the multi-asset cases that the LSM algorithm significantly overvalues. In addition to option pricing, the third part of this thesis studies item response theory IRT and its application to foraging data analysis. A fundamental problem in biology is to understand how the differences among components, or variation in function, contribute to collective behavior.

To tackle this problem, we first give a new approach to latent trait modeling in IRT, then design corresponding experiments and finally apply IRT to data analysis. We also give detailed explanation and further discussion for experiment results. Online Advancing retinal prostheses from two to three dimensions [].

Huang, Tiffany Wanshing, author. Currently, no therapy exists for such condition, and the loss of sight is permanent. Subretinal prostheses aim to restore sight via electrical stimulation of the surviving secondary neurons in the retina. This is a rapidly expanding area of research, especially with the boom of neural interfaces in recent years, with many groups focusing on various aspects of such devices. Our group is pursuing a full-system approach, from fabrication of the devices to in-vivo testing and to clinical trials.

In our system, silicon photovoltaic pixels convert light into electrical current to stimulate the nearby neurons. Further improvement of visual acuity requires miniaturization of the pixels and faces many challenges. Simply scaling the pixel size down with flat bipolar arrays decreases the penetration depth of the electric field into the tissue, increasing the stimulation threshold beyond the capacity of even the best charge-injection material. To enable smaller pixels, moving from flat electrodes into a three-dimensional configuration helps mitigate these issues.

Additionally, with planar junction diodes isolated by deep reactive ion etched DRIE trenches, carrier recombination at the pixel side walls may limit the light-to-current efficiency, and growing side-wall oxide results in oxidation-related stress in the Si, especially as pixels scale down. We addressed these limitations by transitioning from planar to vertical junction diodes. In this thesis, I will discuss the limitations on reducing the pixel size and overcoming these limitations by using 1 pillar electrodes, 2 honeycomb electrodes, and 3 vertical junction diodes validated ex-vivo and in-vivo.

I present the design and fabrication processes of such devices and also demonstrate the resulting photodiode functionality, electrode performance, retinal integration with 3-D devices in-vivo and electrophysiological responses. I conclude by discussing the remaining work toward full utilization of such devices and moving toward single-cell resolution.

The age of the perplexed : translating nature and bodies between the Ottoman Empire and Europe, []. Yildirim, Duygu, author. It reveals the intertwined stories of religious conflict, natural history, medical authority, and translation which illustrate an important episode of intellectual genealogy fostering the idea of human difference in physical, spiritual, and moral domains.

Over the course of their increasing interactions stimulated by religious, diplomatic, commercial, and intellectual agendas, Ottoman and European scholars faced a set of questions that still continues to resonate. Do all human beings have an essential nature?

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