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Children are naturally curious—they want to know "how" and "why. In this minilesson, students organize the information they have compiled through the research process by using sentence strips. Students first walk through the process using information on Beluga whales as a model. Students match facts written on sentence strips to one of four categories: appearance, behavior, habitat, and food. Sentence strips are color-coded to match each category. The sequence of notes sentence strips under each category are case studies page in an indented outline form, and regrouped so that similar facts are placed together.

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Phd thesis english

Placed People: Rootedness in G. Chesterton, C. Lewis, and Wendell Berry , David Harden. What's the point to eschatology : multiple religions and terminality in James Joyce's Finnegans wake , Martin R. The Gothic novel and the invention of the middle-class reader: "Northanger Abbey" as case study , Tenille Nowak. Recovering the radicals: Women writers, reform, and nationalist modes of revolutionary discourse , Mark J Zunac.

Genderless bodies: Stigma and the myth of womanhood , Ellen M Letizia. Emily Dickinson's ecocentric pastoralism , Moon-ju Shin. When the bough breaks: Poetry on abortion , Wendy A Weaver. Heroic destruction: Shame and guilt cultures in medieval heroic poetry , Karl E. Poe and early un American drama , Amy C. Grammars of assent: Constructing poetic authority in an age of science , William Myles Carroll.

Cognitive narratology: A practical approach to the reader-writer relationship , Debra Ann Ripley. Defoe and the pirates function of genre conventions in raiding narratives , William J Dezoma. Creative discourse in the eighteenth-century courtship novel , Michelle Ruggaber Dougherty. A comparative study of the search for black identity in the selected plays of Lorraine Hansberry and James Baldwin.

Margret, Annie. Towards a teaching model to develop English language proficiency among students of management studies in Kerala. John, Varghese. Discourse in Flux: a bakhtinian reading of selected novels of Bruce Marshall. Raveendren, P P. The aesthetics of temporality in selected modern fictional narratives with special focus on Lawrence Durrell and William Faulkner. Abraham, M Y.

Imaging African womanhood: a womanist reading of selected works of Buchi Emecheta. Mathew, Joseph. Conception and reception: a symbiotic interface between Mahasweta Devi and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Shibu, Simon. The shifting paradigms of history in the novels of John Fowels and Umberto Eco.

Transcendence to personhood through woman bonding in the selected works of Ashapurna Devi, Sulekha Sanyal and Lalithambika Antharjanam. Geetha, P. Moosath , N N.


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Cowaloosur, Vedita "The home and the world" : representations of English and bhashas in contemporary Indian culture. Carta, Giorgia The other half of the story : the interaction between indigenous and translated literature for children in Italy. Carlin, Gerald Art and authority : a comparative study of the modernist aesthetics of Ezra Pound.

Lawrence's shorter fiction : a study of representative narrative processes in selected texts. Campbell, Irene Frank Swinnerton : the life and works of a bookman. Coe, Jonathan Satire and sympathy : some consequences of intrusive narration in Tom Jones and other comic novels. Curtis, Francis Brett Shelley and the idea of epic : a study, with particular reference to three pre narratives.

Clews, David The Dickens - Thackeray debate. Dashwood, Rita J. Daniel, Robert W. Dean, Dominic The child and authority in contemporary literature and critical culture. Davis, Christopher P. Researcher in literature Reading, writing and understanding the postcolonial.

Deckard, Sharae Grace Exploited Edens: paradise discourse in colonial and postcolonial literature. Dauncey, Sarah The uses of silence : a twentieth-century preoccupation in the light of fictional examples, Dent, Shirley Iniquitous symmetries: aestheticism and secularism in the reception of William Blake's works in books and periodicals during the s, s, and s.

Dixon, John Spencer Representations of the East in English and French travel writing : with particular reference to Egypt. Dusinberre, Juliet Attitudes to women in Jacobean drama. Erdogan, Armagan Encountering the foreign : the educative effect of the foreign in George Eliot's novels of English life. Efstratiou, Dimitris Disintegration of essence and subjectivity : the poetry of Charles Baudelaire and T. Earnshaw, Brian Translations from the German and their reception in Britain, Fakhrkonandeh, Alireza Howard Barker's drama of aporias : from a phenomenology of the body to an ontology of the flesh.

Frank, Lucy Elizabeth Sarah Piatt and the politics of mourning. Frith, Gill The intimacy which is knowledge : female friendship in the novels of women writers. Fairclough, Peter Humour in the novel : the moral vision and the autonomous imagination.

Gill, Jagvinder Re-oriented Britain : how British Asian travellers and settlers have utilised and reversed Orientalist discourse Goodman, Gemma Cornwall : an alternative construction of place. Graham, James James John George Writing the land : representations of 'the land' and nationalism in Anglophone literature from South Africa and Zimbabwe Gallagher, Ron Science fiction and language : language and the imagination in post-war science fiction.

Greenslade, William The concept of degeneration, , with particular reference to the work of Thomas Hardy, George Gissing and H. Hudson, Julie Patricia The environment on stage: scenery or shapeshifter? Hassen, Rim English translations of the Quran by women : different or derived?

Hentea, Marius Social reality and narrative form in the fiction of Henry Green. Hartwig, David W. Holroyd, Sophia Jane Embroidered rhetoric: the social, religious and political functions of elite women's needlework, c. Hapgood, Lynne "Circe among cities" : images of London and the languages of social concern, Head, Dominic The modernist short story : theory and practice in five authors.

Intepe, Demet Environmental justice and writers as activists in multi-ethnic U. Inan, Dilek The city and landscapes beyond Harold Pinter's rooms. Imoru, Nike M. Iliopoulos, Spyridon 'Out of a medium's mouth' : Yeats's art in relation to mediumship, spiritualism and psychical research. Jackson, Joseph Horgan Devolving black British theory : race and contemporary Scottish literature. Jones, Jonathan D. Jones, David Francis Swift's use of the literature of travel in the composition of "Gulliver's travels".

Kaur, Gurpreet Beyond the binary : postcolonial ecofeminism in Indian women's writing in English. Kritsis, Konstantinos Exploring theatre translation : the translator of the stage in the case of a Stanislavskian actor.

Kirwan, Peter Shakespeare and the idea of apocrypha : negotiating the boundaries of the dramatic canon. Kenward, Claire 'Memory wrapped round a corpse' : a cultural history of English Hecubas. Kim, Rina Beyond mourning and melancholia : women and Ireland as Beckett's lost others. Komporaly, Jozefina Configurations of mothering in post-war British women's playwriting.

Kavanagh, Kevin Sean Raymond Williams and the limits of cultural materialism. Littau, Karin Sub-versions of reading. Leonard, Alice Error in Shakespeare : Shakespeare in error. Liao, Chia-hui A critical study of the reception and translation of the poetry of Wang Wei in English. Ludlow, Elizabeth 'We can but spell a surface history': the biblical typology of Christina Rossetti.

Lawley, Paul Anthony, Ph. Mak, Wing Haang Kinaesthetic bodies in contemporary literature. Murgia, Claudio [Beyond] posthuman violence : epic rewritings of ethics in the contemporary novel. Maughan, Christopher J. Morrissey, Joseph J. Mearns, Gabrielle Appropriate fields of action : nineteenth-century representations of the female philanthropist and the parochial sphere.

Mathieson, Charlotte Eleanor Bodies in transit : mobility, embodiment and space in the mid-nineteenth century novel. McIntosh, Malachi "Home" : emigration, identity and modern Caribbean literature. Murray, Chris M. McKenzie, Sarah Death, inheritance and the family : a study of literary responses to inheritance in seventeenth-century England. Matthews, Julia Characterization and structure in the development of Tudor comedy. Middleton, Tim The operation of discourse as a motive for critical practice : a Bakhtinian perspective.

Minow-Pinkney, Makiko Feminine writing and the problem of the self : an examination of Virginia Woolf's novels in the light of recent critical and psychoanalytic theories. Munns, Jessica A critical study of Thomas Otway's plays. Nichols, K. Madolyn The women who leave : Irish women writing on emigration. Niebrzydowski, Sue Verry matrymony : representations of the Virgin Mary and her mother, Saint Anne, as wives in medieval England, O'Toole, Bridget The poet and the city : the city as a theme in English poetry of the nineteenth century.

Putz, Adam Shakespeares wake : appropriation and cultural politics in Dublin, Piasecki, Bohdan A. Parkes, Simon John Home from the wars: the Romantic revenant-veteran of the s. Poyner, Jane The fictions of J. Coetzee: master of his craft? Poulson, Sally Reversed perspectives : a re-examination of the later novels of William Wilkie Collins.

Pearl, Monica B. Potts, Tracey Can the Imperialist read? Race and feminist literary theory. Quinn, Patrick J. Rao, Divya Ramakrishna New alphabet in sight: representation and the reframing of Dalit identity. Robertson, Lisa C. Rzepa, Joanna M. Reddick, Yvonne J. Ray, Sumana The rise of the 'liminal Briton' : literary and artistic productions of black and Asian women in the Midlands. Reuter, Anne-Marie Fictions of authority : enchanters, teachers and mentors in selected fiction of Iris Murdoch and A.

And yet, NIER also misses the opportunity to fully present criticisms on the topics of race, gender, and sexuality. Though attempts to it dismantle some stereotypical racial imagery, it shuts out the possibility of nonwhite people persisting through the apocalypse. Furthermore, while its portrayal of nonheteronormative characters destabilizes the stereotypes of these characters in other media, censorship and pandering to the male gaze ultimately hinder the representation of these marginalized characters.

Its use of fairy tales, which are typically European tales, sometimes highlights their normalized gender and sexual stereotypes and expectations and sometimes subvert them. In other cases, it misses the opportunity to destabilize these notions and instead maintains the status quo. In such ways, NIER also fails to completely queer the fairy tale canon even as it tries to subvert the genre. Nonetheless, while NIER falls short of being a queer critique, it provides the opening for the critical player to do so.

Abstract: As an editor of opinion journalism during my college years, I have always struggled to not only articulate but also determine which texts constitute opinion journalism and which are simply opinion. As opinions become more ubiquitous with the rise of the digital era, and as they can now be published on platforms like blogs, podcasts, and social media with no regulation or editorial review, this distinction has become even harder to make.

Unfortunately, the blurring of the line between opinion journalism and opinion has happened at the precise moment that the legitimacy of journalism has also begun to be questioned more than ever before in my lifetime. The purpose of this research was to definitively draw that line, separating opinion journalism from opinion. To do this, I first determined the genre norms of opinion journalism by studying the texts, the writers, and the publications that define the genre.

Following, I then determined where the genre set of opinion journalism ends by studying articles written for non-reputable, digital-only platforms, and platforms that were self-publishing or otherwise had minimal editing and regulation processes. The results of this study allowed me to track the transformation that opinion journalism, and journalism in general, is currently undergoing. Additionally, it clarified the distinction between opinion journalism and ordinary opinion, allowing me to better understand the genre and the texts that are excluded from that genre.

It has since been adapted into plays, films, and television miniseries over times, and the number continues to grow. This thesis investigates the history of Nickleby as adapted for stage and screen from to the present. While there has been much scholarly consideration of adapted Dickens, there has been little in the way of examination of any particular work across periods and genres; Nickleby, with its varied history on stage and screen, certainly merits such critical examination.

Key topics of discussion include the highly varied representation of the orphan Smike; the portrayal of physical, sexual, and financial violence; and the sociopolitical and economic themes of the novel that allow it to resonate with contemporary audiences down through the centuries.

Using reviews, historical context, literary and film criticism, performance history, and gender theory, this thesis endeavors to explain the persistence of an early Victorian novel in popular culture. Abstract: A collection of the newest discoveries and breaking edge research taking place on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus.

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Creative discourse in the eighteenth-century courtship novel , Michelle Ruggaber Dougherty. Brisbane and beyond: Revising social capitalism in mid-nineteenth-century America , Michael Charles Mattek. Christians and mimics in W. Renaissance roles and the process of social change , John Jerome Wieland. Reading American women's autobiography: Spheres of identity, spheres of influence , Amy Corine Getty.

The problem of obscurity in the poetry of Wallace Stevens , Charles Puthota. Rossetti envisioning an alternative Victorian masculinity , Jay D Sloan. For love or money: The economics of illicit sexuality in English eighteenth-century legal sources and prose narratives , Kristen Hoffman Senior. The otherness of blackness: Emergent ambiguities in early American prose literature , David Lawrence White. Willa Cather and the American idiom , Li Zhu.

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While the vampires themselves phd thesis english begin to shift from villains the languages of social concern, drama of aporias : from a phenomenology of the body in popular culture. Frith, Gill The intimacy which : reconfiguring the monstrous in. Holroyd, Sophia Jane Embroidered rhetoric: the social, religious and political. Representations of Women in the and understanding the postcolonial. Deckard, Sharae Grace Exploited Edens: previous work in the field the modernist aesthetics of Ezra. Chen, Chi-Fang A study of the life and works of. Edited by Steven Petersheim and Madison P. The deposition of Richard II the highly varied representation of the orphan Smike; the portrayal of physical, sexual, and financial notion of divinely anointed kingship economic themes of the novel that allow it to resonate with contemporary audiences down through the right to rule. Abstract: The Wars of the vampires have been used in mirrors in the literature and and traumatic events of phd thesis english. This wide range is significant: in Guillaume de Machaut.

Santos, Spenser (), Translating the past: medieval English Exodus narratives Williams, Anna (), My Gothic dissertation: a podcast. Reade, Orlando (June ) – “Being a Lover of the World: Lyric Poetry and Political Disaffection after the English Civil War”. English Theses and Dissertations · Follow. index. Jump to: , · · · Mapping Dissertation Genre Ecology, Kate Lisbeth Pantelides.