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Children are naturally curious—they want to know "how" and "why. In this minilesson, students organize the information they have compiled through the research process by using sentence strips. Students first walk through the process using information on Beluga whales as a model. Students match facts written on sentence strips to one of four categories: appearance, behavior, habitat, and food. Sentence strips are color-coded to match each category. The sequence of notes sentence strips under each category are case studies page in an indented outline form, and regrouped so that similar facts are placed together.

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Wordpress thesis fluid layout


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The Effectus Skin includes default styling for email signup forms placed in either the content, the sidebar, or the Action Box. Effectus has numerous built in features that work behind the scenes to ensure an optimal experience. Effectus Skin Setup Guide. Display Options Display options allow you to show and hide elements on your site and also to customize certain items, such as your Nav Menu.

The Multi Nav Menu has two options available. Menu To Display — this is your primary menu Logged In Menu — this menu will only be visible to logged-in users Please note that if you have not yet created a menu, links to your WordPress pages will show by default. Start Year — If your start year is the current year, your copyright information will just display a single year.

Once that year has passed, it will then display as a from — to year — Copyright Before — This option allows you to customize your company or legal name. Copyright After — This option allows you to customize what is displayed after your legal name. Affiliate Link — If you enable Display Developer Credit , you can add your affiliate link here it will link back to diythemes.

Simple, Powerful Design Customizations Effectus has unique design options that allow you to change your layout with ease. Site Layout This is the most powerful section of your design options. Header Menu Location — This option allows you to place your Navigation menu above or below the header area.

Header Alignment — You can select from the default left, center, or right alignment for your content column. Columns — Chose from a 1—3 column layout. Column Order — If you select a 2 or 3 column layout, you will be able to change the column order here. Column widths — Each column can have a unique width which then defines the total with of your site.

Skin Modes — These options have more far-reaching implications to your design see below. Full Width Mode Effectus can be displayed as a full- or fixed-width website. The Effectus Skin in full- and fixed-width mode. Colorless Nav Mode Some people just want a plain and simple Nav Menu; this Skin mode will strip out the color from your Nav Menu and make it look like the following: Borderless Mode This option strips out layout borders.

Footerless Mode This options will remove the footer from your site. Color Scheme Effectus will auto-select all colors based on a single primary color. Custom Templates, Including Landing Pages In addition to standard WordPress templates, the Effectus Skin comes with 4 custom templates that give you maximum flexibility and control over the way your pages appear. The five editor buttons available in Effectus are: Drop Caps Note Alert Tip Code In addition, the post editor has custom styling applied to it to give you a more accurate experience of your content as you type.

Effectus has some additional options in your user profile: Custom Avatar paste an image url in here and overrule gravitar Twitter Username Facebook Username Google Plus ID LinkedIn Username Pinterest Username Instagram Username Youtube Username Once you have customized your Author Box and filled out your profile details, it will look something like this: Action Box Effectus comes with a special box called the Action Box that allows you to promote or encourage users to take some kind of action.

Here is one example of how it can be used: Email Signup Forms The Effectus Skin includes default styling for email signup forms placed in either the content, the sidebar, or the Action Box. Additional Features Effectus has numerous built in features that work behind the scenes to ensure an optimal experience. Fluid Videos — Youtube and Vimeo videos embedded into posts and pages will become fluid videos which means they will correctly scale as viewing devices get smaller.

Optimized Featured Images — Images are optimized and cropped according to the size of your site. If you change your layout options, then all featured images will be rebuilt to ensure they are the correct size. This applies to featured images and related post images. Independent of jQuery — By default, Effectus does not require or use jQuery. Since it uses only a small amount of JavaScript, it would be overkill to load such a large library.

I compensated for it and even created an multilevel nested custom navigation for Thesis theme tutorial. But Thesis does not support fluid layouts and to customize CSS you have to go and edit it's custom. With Atahualpa you don't need this - everything could be done via admin panel, including PHP inserts - which is great.

Plus with Atahualpa you can customize more things that neither Thesis nor other themes are even coming close. Thesis is great for totally non technical webmaster who wants working and nice looking blog right off the bat and doesn't mind looking like twin to thousand other blogs. It's not exactly me - so I reverted back to Atahualpa. I still decided to customize Atahualpa's navigation menu - see my new vga capture site with custom menu.

It's a bit less work to do compare to Thesis. Hope my brief comparison helps a bit. Jul 23, , AM. I mean - you can now use atahualpa to make anything from a single column to a FIVE column site with almost complete flexibility on layout. He added that in a couple of months! Which is not at all to rag on Thesis - I think it is the best paid theme out there.

Jan 13, , PM. Belated thoughts, six months downstream from the original thread. What struck me was that you jolly well do have to tweak the CSS in Thesis in order to do simple stuff like stack the nav bar beneath the heading. Of course, in Atahualpa you also have to do a CSS insert to change the look of your post body text. I surely wish there was an Atahualpa user's guide, i.

Anyway, back to the story - I was mightily impressed with thesis up to that point, and then I was completely de-energized about it; I thought "I can do anything in Atahualpa that I could do in Thesis. Of course, the menus are laid out much more conveniently in Thesis, but that's minor for me, as I'm not tweaking themes continually, just doing one big design go-through and then maybe a touch here and there.

All in all, I'd much rather use Atahualpa and give a donation. Waiting for payday. Feb 11, , AM. HOwever some of the things that Thesis does are very difficult to replicate without coding 3 Support for both is excellent. Both are fine. However if you like to hack start with my free version. All times are GMT

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Although fluid design is typically seen as solving many problems related to multiple screen sizes it creates some problems of its own. The designer has less control over what the user sees and content such as images may require multiple widths to be displayed on different resolutions.

With the increase in smartphone and tablet use around the world, the term Responsive Development has grown in popularity. This is not dissimilar to fluid layouts, and it is the process of creating a website or theme with all devices and screen sizes in mind. Trusted by over 1. All Rights Reserved.

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This thesis will focus on the following research questions: • How do the templates provided by WordPress expand or limit design. DESIGN. WordPress. How to make great responsive themes and plugins. Joe Casabona fixed with mf_, like this: mf_get_featured_images(). I just purchased the personal license for the Thesis theme and I But Thesis does not support fluid layouts and to customize CSS you have.