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Spirituality and trauma an essay pay to write u.s. history and government course work

Spirituality and trauma an essay


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This brutal exposure illuminates the fact that the ego is a mosaic held together by personal narration, continual feedback from others and internalized object relations. Exposure to its lack of unity and substance is terrifying. Some do not recover from this forced encounter with a space in consciousness referred to as the "great Naught" or nothingness. Some decompose and others fragment. This is the realm from which both mystics and madmen emerge.

Victims of trauma are by definition "overwhelmed and rendered helpless. They need support and guidance. Trauma exposes aspects of external and internal reality that have been previously unacknowledged. Trauma initiates a process of deep spiritual questioning and demands that victims take in more of reality than was previously possible. The Spirit demands expansion and is intolerant of partiality. The meaning of life is questioned. Old answers no longer suffice.

Priorities are reordered. Concerns about identity, the value of suffering, the importance of justice and the appropriateness of forgiveness are figural. Recognizing the amount of evil and cruelty in the world, along with the impact these realities have for images of God and the value of human relationship, demand careful consideration and continual reflection.

Questions of identity proliferate. Responses to these demands requires more comprehensive ways of taking up life. Trauma, in spite of its brutality and destructiveness, has the power to open victims to issues of profound existential and spiritual significance.

The displacement of the ego forces confrontations with deeper levels of self and reality. Trauma throws victims onto a path that mystics, shamans, mythic heroes and spiritual seekers have been walking for thousands of years. The difference is that victims of trauma must work this territory or be overcome by it. Non-traumatized seekers have the luxury of getting off the path at will: for theirs is not a life or death struggle. Theirs is usually a gradual and volitional emersion. They are able to progressively assimilate the demands of this realm.

Victims are thrust into this realm against their will and with no preparation. Trauma forces victims to confront realms of Being existing outside of ego and collective consciousness. Various existential and spiritual vulnerabilities, such as the inevitability of one's death, the lack of certitude and security surrounding human existence and the lack of substance and unity making up the ego or social self, demand acknowledgment.

Trauma displaces the ego and demonstrates that no one is a self-contained being around which the universe rotates. If health is to be restored then the help of the Spirit and others is required. Acknowledging this fundamental dependency is a critical milestone on the healing path.

Unfortunately many victims of trauma are misdiagnosed and socially isolated. Most are unable to find healers who recognize that trauma has thrust them on a path that spiritual seekers have been walking for thousands of years. In addition, most do not understand that an ego has to refortified or established before one can develop a permanent relationship with the Deeper or Transpersonal Self. The profound struggles of many trauma victims are often spiritualized or psychologized by various caring professionals.

Victims need safe and supportive spaces in which to walk amidst the ashes of their former organizations of self, reality and God, while dialoguing with the transformations taking place on every level of their being. Eventually, the ego must be seen to be based on collective values. It is not the essence of being human. Relationships with the "Deeper Self" must be fostered and developed.

In essence, traumatic experiences are one of the few things powerful enough to get the ego to release its tyrannical hold over the transpersonal dimensions of consciousness. In displacing the ego trauma creates access to the spiritual core of victims.

In receiving appropriate care, compassion and direction victims can overcome the destructive impact of trauma, break through restrictive approaches to life, and become more soulful and compassionate beings in the process. Traumatic injuries, when accompanied by love and understanding, do not become places of deadness, denial, and disease. Rather they become bridges of compassion that connect victims to all sentient beings.

Survivors accept that they can be broken, overwhelmed and rendered powerless. These realizations are not considered shameful as they were at the beginning of the journey but are now recognized as the common ground that connects victims to all forms of life. Becoming comfortable with one's inherent capacity to be rendered powerless enables survivors to encounter the brokenness and wounds of others without fear.

Survivors want to do everything possible to decrease the gulf of disconnection separating victims from others while simultaneously helping them realize that the loss of their former ways of being in the world, despite the tremendous pain involved, is an opportunity to discover the Spirit living at the core of their being. Love Offerings and Tithes Appreciated Send to seharrill gmail.

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Conversation on Trauma \u0026 Spirituality

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Traumatic experiences forces victims to face issues lying outside the boundaries of personal and collective frames of reference. As a result they are forced. Trauma, Development & Spirituality Essay As a rule, trauma slows down the development of an individual and deteriorates not only his/her physical and. Material in this section has previously appeared in my article: A. J. van den. Blink, “Trauma Reactivation in Pastoral Counseling: Implications for Theory and.