thesis for reproductive technologies

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Thesis for reproductive technologies comparative law essay topics

Thesis for reproductive technologies

Infertility can have serious consequences for women wellbeing in a culture which values reproduction of women. When fertility fails, they blame women and sometime each other for the failure of fertility. This researcher is intended to understand the knowledge of infertility, quality of life and awareness on Assisted reproductive technology ART available to overcome infertility and their family support and society support towards them in overcoming issues.

To study effect of infertility on socio-economic profile, marital life, social situation, quality of life in women and to develop social culture which aids in relieving the stress of infertile women and improve assisted reproductive treatment. The researcher has adopted multi method research namely phenomenology, case study method and feminist research methodology to under study and understand different dimensions of infertile women in the study area.

Snowball sampling technique has been used to select the sample from both rural and urban areas of Bangalore city. It is a chain referral sampling considered for the research. Overall survival did not differ between women with versus without FP, and women in letrozole versus non-letrozole group.

Study IV, a register-based nationwide cohort study, included women with and women without FP history, all of them diagnosed with breast cancer at reproductive age. Rates of live births aHR: 2. FP exposure was not associated with any decrease in overall survival in this cohort.

In conclusion, the findings suggest that the use of ART for FP and fertility treatment in eligible young women with cancer seems to be both safe and efficacious. In women with a previous history of cancer that achieve pregnancy with donor oocytes, individual assessment of pregnancy risks and potential increased obstetric surveillance may be indicated. List of papers: I. J Womens Health Larchmt. Fulltext DOI. Institution: Karolinska Institutet. Supervisor: Rodriguez-Wallberg, Kenny A.

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A national, comprehensive database of assisted reproductive technology treatment cycles Canadian Assisted Reproductive Technologies Register CARTR Plus began collecting data in , and has made the research objectives of this doctoral thesis feasible. Before this data collection system, population-wide studies involving fertility treatments were not possible in Canada. Two understudied issues associated with IVF are the impact of fertility treatments on the maternal serum screening markers used in prenatal screening programs to identify fetal aneuploidies; and the association between fertility treatments and adverse perinatal outcomes, such as preeclampsia and stillbirth.

Given the increasing number of women who are using fertility treatments to conceive, it is imperative that studies investigating the association with adverse outcomes are conducted. As the science supporting fertility treatment procedure has advanced, so has prenatal screening.

One of the first screening tests that are performed for newly pregnant women, including women who conceived following IVF, is maternal serum screening. The first objective of this doctoral thesis was to systematically review the literature on the association between IVF treatment and maternal serum screening marker levels and nuchal translucency NT thickness. After the search and screening of the literature there were 40 studies that were included in this systematic review.

However, since the levels of the other maternal serum screening markers reported also varied we were unable to generalize about the differences between prenatal screening results in the IVF population. These results led to investigating maternal serum screening marker levels among IVF patients in Ontario, Canada. Currently, there is no adjustment made to the other maternal serum screening markers and NT measurement. The third objective was to examine the effect of type of infertility on placental-mediated adverse outcomes preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, placental abruption, and stillbirth.

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