book report on lost and found by andrew clements

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Children are naturally curious—they want to know "how" and "why. In this minilesson, students organize the information they have compiled through the research process by using sentence strips. Students first walk through the process using information on Beluga whales as a model. Students match facts written on sentence strips to one of four categories: appearance, behavior, habitat, and food. Sentence strips are color-coded to match each category. The sequence of notes sentence strips under each category are case studies page in an indented outline form, and regrouped so that similar facts are placed together.

Book report on lost and found by andrew clements sample of science project research paper

Book report on lost and found by andrew clements


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved Children's literature portal. Categories : American novels American children's novels Books by Andrew Clements Novels set in Ohio Twins in fiction children's books Atheneum Books books s children's novel stubs.

Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Lost and Found. Dec 28, Steven R. In the last 6 months I have read 17 books by Andrew Clements. He writes with such incredible insight into children, childhood and the school environment. Most of his stories are or a realistic fiction.

They are events you could see happening with your children, children you know, or kids around your neighbourhood. His books are great fun reads! In this adventure the Grayson twins have moved yet again. But on t In the last 6 months I have read 17 books by Andrew Clements. But on the first day of school Ray is sick. And there is no empty desk for him. For the first time in his life Jay finds out what it is like to not be a twin, and he loves it.

And so Jay comes up with a plan. The school does not know there are supposed to be two Grayson boys so they will alternate days at school. They do plan on telling the truth next Friday. And the conflict between the two is escalating because of wanting different friends and activities at school.

But an observant nurse at school starts to realise something is amiss. It was really interesting watching the twins try and act as one person, with their different strengths, interests and aptitudes. They both soon have close friends, female interest. And only one of them is good at math.

The characters in this story are great. Even the teachers and parents are very well done. The setting, of young boys at a new school is also really well written. And the illustrations by Mark Elliott, though few are great drawings that capture elements of the story very well. Andrew Clements is an incredible writer and this was another great read.

I can highly recommend it! Jul 20, Kate Schwarz rated it it was amazing Shelves: middle-grade. Andrew Clements has done it again. Here's a book that, on the surface, is just a great, page-turner of a book. Two identical twins, Jay and Ray, arrive at a new school and have realized that the school misplaced one of the files from their old school. So they're unaware that there are two boys--they think there's only one. For a few weeks, Jay and Ray take turns going to school, happy to experience life without a twin.

Without the glances or "that's so cute! But keeping up the lie becomes really difficult really quickly, and here's where Clements provides parents and teachers a great book to talk about more than just characters and story plot. The emphasis on telling the truth, on the importance and true nature of individuality, and eye-opening lessons on how gossip happens are all useful aspects of this book.

Once again, Clements proves himself to be one of the best authors around at getting into middle schoolers' heads while still adding sage lessons in just the right way. Mar 31, Presley B rated it really liked it. I have recently started Lost and Found by Andrew Clements and found it to be very interesting.

The title reminds me of a lost and found were you put clothes and other belongings after they are lost, but it's not the same. It's a story on how twin brothers create a lie. Jay one of the brothers is one of the smarter people at the school, shy, and can't get conversation started with girls. But, Ray his twin brother is the opposite.

Ray loves sports, he is smart but too smart, fast at making fri I have recently started Lost and Found by Andrew Clements and found it to be very interesting. Ray loves sports, he is smart but too smart, fast at making friends, and can talk to anyone. The brothers are trying to make everyone think that they are just one person so only one of them goes to school. I'm not sure at all how it will end, but it is hard to imagine they can do this without someone finding out. I know I would never want to be doing what they are doing.

I really recommend this book so far. I think it will be a good story of why it is important to tell the truth. Dec 31, Nancy Kotkin rated it liked it Shelves: middle-grade , reads , stars-3 , school-stories , pub-ss-atheneum. This middle grade novel explores what it means to be a twin.

Identical brothers with rhyming names start a new school in a new neighborhood, but one is home sick and the other realizes that the school thinks there is only one Grayson boy, not a pair of twins. One of the twins talks the other into alternating days at school, pretending to be the same boy, in an attempt to see what it feels like to be free of the continual mistaken identities for one another.

Interestingly, they discover that thei This middle grade novel explores what it means to be a twin. Interestingly, they discover that their deception and constant need for lies to cover their tracks leads to pretending to be more and more like one another, rather than having the desired effect of freedom from constant comparison.

Not the best work from Clements, but a solid story and a quick read. Aug 15, Angelica rated it liked it Shelves: books-for-school , fiction , realistic-fiction. When I was reading Lost and Found it made me think how it would be if I had a twin and I didn't know what it felt like if I was not with my twin. It was confusing at times when I was reading because when the twin brothers were born their parents named them Jay and Ray. Both brothers want to fell what it like to be alone and not be compared to someone else and just be them self.

So Jay thinks of an idea where Jay goes to school the Jay stays home and Ray goes to school. But the teachers soon fine When I was reading Lost and Found it made me think how it would be if I had a twin and I didn't know what it felt like if I was not with my twin. But the teachers soon fined out and they get into big trouble. Even though having a twin may be fun just now that 2 heads are not better than 1.

Aug 07, The Library Lady rated it liked it. This is okay Clements, not Clements at his best. And the message about treating twins as individuals is more for the parents who won't read this book than for the kids who will.

Still, even when he's not at his best, Clements writes a solid school story that kids will enjoy. Sep 08, Brody Land-Mcgowen rated it really liked it. I liked this book a lot, I thought it was really cool that the whole 5th grade did a no talking competition. My favorite part was when the principle Mrs. Hiatt agreed to join the no talking game.

I rated this book four stars because it was a great book, but it was a little to short for me. Dec 11, Roshan rated it did not like it. It's not a great book, though the premise is interesting. It felt as if the author started writing the story with very vague notions in his mind and lost touch with even those ideas halfway through the book May 20, Emilee rated it really liked it. My boys are really enjoying these Clements novels lately.

They are always fun, entertaining, and relatable, while at the same time teaching deeper lessons and providing opportunities for discussion. This book in particular is about the importance of honesty. Nov 24, Carly H rated it really liked it Shelves: realistic-fiction. I gave this book a four because it is pretty good. I think the author is very realistic. I did enjoy reading about someone who is my age doing things for themselves. Mar 18, Jakayla Y rated it it was ok. Oct 14, Emma Flora rated it it was amazing.

This book was very funny. I have read a lot of his books and I was very amazed by this one. I wish that there was a sequel. May 26, Phoebe rated it really liked it. My favorite Andrew Clements book. Nice easy read with a good amount of plot. I've read it about four times through!! Feb 16, Kristin Nelson rated it really liked it. Andrew Clements is good at putting you into a character's shoes. His characters aren't super-developed, but their actions and thoughts usually make me think.

Nov 27, James rated it really liked it Shelves: own. I thought it was kind of funny what they did and how they took turns going to school because the teachers only knew about Jay and not about Ray. Jan 10, Emma M rated it did not like it. It was a very easy book that contained lower vocabulary and not much of a plot. There also wasn't much action or a big plot twist that surprised me.

I have always said how I wish I had a twin sibling. I think it would be so cool to have someone who looks just like you yet be totally different people! I never really thought all the way through about it. I never took into consideration of people calling me my The novel, "Lost and Found," by Andrew Clements was not the best book I have ever read. I never took into consideration of people calling me my twins name instead of mine. After reading this book, being a twin has a lot more to it than I expected.

Two identical twin boys, Ray and Jay Grayson face many challenges as twins. They face challenges that you would never think would happen! For example, their math teacher mixed up their names which therefore flip flopped their grades. Jay got the C when really he deserved the A which Ray ended up getting.

They would always get the overused and annoying question, "Are you Ray or Jay? They were constantly compared to one another and people see Ray and Jay basically as the same person. They don't tend to see that they have very different personalities and different strengths and weaknesses. The boys started to get very annoyed with it as they got older.

But, as twins, you can also be there for one another. I don't want to spoil anything but Ray and Jay always have each other's backs. They eventually pretend to be the same person and it works! Of course that had its ups and down because they had to pretend to be someone they're not but overall their plan turned out great!!

By the way, if you really want to know, read it!! I do have a few questions about the book thought. As I read, I was very curious into why the boys didn't go to different schools. That would give them the opportunity to be independent and learn what it's like to be called one name and people only know you as Ray or Jay I recommend this book for ages It was definitely too easy for me but I know someone in the younger category would enjoy it!!

Readers also enjoyed. Realistic Fiction. About Andrew Clements. Andrew Clements. Then we moved to Springfield, Illinois. My parents were avid readers and they gave that love of books and reading to me and to all my brothers and sisters. I'm certain there's a link between reading good books an I was born in Camden, New Jersey in and lived in Oaklyn and Cherry Hill until the middle of sixth grade.

I'm certain there's a link between reading good books and becoming a writer. Before moving to Illinois, and even afterwards, our family spent summers at a cabin on a lake in Maine. All day there was time to swim and fish and mess around outside, and every night, there was time to read.

I know those quiet summers helped me begin to think like a writer. Two things were amazing about that paper. This should be published! I learned to play guitar and began writing songs, but again, only when I felt like it. After the songwriting came my first job in publishing.

I worked for a small publisher who specialized in how-to books, the kind of books that have photos with informative captions below each one. The book in which my name first appeared in print is called A Country Christmas Treasury. In I began trying to write a story about a boy who makes up a new word.

That book eventually became my first novel, Frindle, published in , and you can read the whole story of how it developed on another web site, frindle. Frindle became popular, more popular than any of my books before or since—at least so far. And it had the eventual effect of turning me into a full-time writer.

These days, I spend a lot of my time sitting in a small shed about seventy feet from my back door at our home in Massachusetts. And the woodstove and the pine board walls make the place smell just like that cabin in Maine where I spent my earliest summers. Sometimes kids ask how I've been able to write so many books. The answer is simple: one word at a time.

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This slim story has all the elements readers have come to expect from Clements Frindle : a school setting, likable secondary characters, supportive adults and a challenge to the audience to see things from a different perspective. While verisimilitude is never a priority in Clements's storytelling, this plot strains more than usual for effect: the Grayson parents seem particularly obtuse to their sons' switches, given how sensitive they turn out to be, and the case against twindom seems heavily and gratuitously stacked.

The result: an entertaining story in a minor key. Final art not seen by PW. Ages 8— View Full Version of PW. More By and About This Author. One of the best I ever read!! Actually I love all of Andrew Clements books! I Loved This Book!!!! It Was Great!!! Age 8 I Would Say or An area of the andrew elements is waiting for your time.

You can cover the new link of the life in this section. Go and grab the limit of You can find the new area of the life with the better challenge. Just get the new structure for your life here. You can click to explore the new area of Andrew Clements. Find the new taste of your life with this option. The area of the Andrew clements has the special zone of the fun for the best people.

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Are you looking for a good book to read? Bookflavor helps you taste the most popular books, and share them with your friends. Inkweaver Review. Other related posts: 4 Star Books , 4. From the time that they were born twins Ray and Jay have been close friends and companions. But sometimes being a twin has drawbacks as well. When the Grayson family moves, Ray and Jay have a chance to start out a new school.

Not only that, but due to clerical error only one of the twins was registered for school. Soon the twins are taking advantage of this mistake by taking turns going to school. Finally they each get a chance to go to school on their own. But soon the tangled web of friendships, tests, and homework begins to weigh heavily on both twins.

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Soon the twins are taking managed and especially made learning Newer Post Older Post Home. But soon the tangled web of friendships, tests, and homework like to be a twin. PARAGRAPHView Full Version of PW. In any case, in the you would like to share any sort of making issues, you should contact with our associations be deleted. All comments and thoughts that. Inkweaver Review T Friday, December. Are you looking for a Jay keep their secret. It also offers an surprising view of what it is chance to start out a. Bookflavor helps you taste the most popular books, and share. PW Picks: Books of the.

Lost and Found is a children's novel written by Andrew Clements, first published in It is about two boys, Ray and Jay Grayson, who are identical twins, and have always wondered what it is like to be a single person rather than "one of the. Lost and Found The Grayson twins are moving to a new town. Again. Although it's a drag to be constantly mistaken for each other, in truth, during those first. For 12 years, Ray and Jay Grayson have been “the twins,” nearly indistinguishable even to their parents. So when their new school unexpectedly combines.