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Business plan sample transportation essay entrepreneur you admire

Business plan sample transportation


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Thus, you should go out and conduct the bus business feasibility studies to enable you to know the type of buses that are accepted in your preferred location and the amount needed to purchase them. From the market survey conducted, you should be able to come up with the cost price for setting up your bus company, after which you should plan your budget. As such, there are a plethora of ways to raise money to finance the bus business among which you can apply to your bank for loans, raise money through your savings, or better still, from selling out some of your stocks, through family and friends and you can also raise money for your bus company through investors.

A bus company is not an industry you can venture into without the approval of the government. After registering your bus company, you can proceed to obtain your bus business license and permits from the federal, state, and local government and then insure your company, buses, drivers, and bus administrators. Advisably, if you have enough and adequate capital at hand, it is cheaper to buy all the needed buses for your bus company, but if the reverse is the case, the only option would be to look for a company that can lease you the buses and pays them over the period of time.

By and large, make sure that the buses you are going to acquire for your bus company will be very stable and comfortable to your prospective clients that you would want your bus company to transport and partner with. It is of high importance that you design your tours and routes before kick-starting your bus company. You cannot implement your advertising and marketing plans unless and until you have designed your tours and routes.

Decide if the bus company will be offering general transportation services—like transport to events or weddings or it will base its specialization on tour-like offerings, like the Grand Canyon trips of celebrity homes, historic locations, and others. Check your competitor pricing list to compare and contrast price ranges, and if possible, adjust accordingly. Make sure that you only hire and employ professional drivers that can represent and portray the good image of your company.

Beyond employing professional drivers, you should make it a priority that you make adequate provision for giving them additional training at regular intervals. Essentially, a bus company cannot progress and it cannot maximize any profits without huge business deals.

There are a plethora of organizations and individuals that will require your bus services, as such, it is your onus and responsibility to market them. The kind of organizations you should approach for contract or business deals are companies, schools, churches, sports clubs. Network with travel agencies, schools, retirement homes, event and wedding planners, hotels, and big association to keep bookers abreast that your bus company is available for hire. Consider doing a free charter as a way to influence bookers so that they can experience your bus company offerings first hand.

Warning— The lasting success and impression of your bus company will depend greatly on whether the passengers have an enjoyable, safe, and fun trip. Promote your bus company to stand firm and strong amidst competitors by creating business cards, brochures, handbills, websites if possible , and other promotional materials. We are specifically interested in persons who have struggled with writing their plans in the past.

The contents of this will be immensely beneficial to you. We have tried as much as possible to make it as simple as possible. A plan does not need to be complicated to be considered well written. Its structure and contents are key.

Sunrise Daily is a charter bus business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We provide a vital service to corporations and the civil service by providing charter service. Instead of businesses actually owning the buses that convey their staff to and from work, they outsource this to us. We have the necessary infrastructure to handle this service and help relieve businesses of the burden.

Our business is capital intensive and requires substantial investments. A large chunk of these goes into purchasing large and small buses for different functions. We currently have a fleet of 10 charter buses consisting of 7 large and 3 small buses all deployed for use.

It has become much cheaper and less burdensome for corporations and government departments and agencies to outsource the transport of their labor force to us. We see this as an opportunity to grow our business. We offer prompt transport services to workers to and from their places of work. We desire to expand our services to more businesses within Philadelphia and the whole of Pennsylvania. We are desirous of becoming the most preferred charter business company within the space of 10 7 years.

We are putting more effort into positioning our business to achieve this objective within the set time. Our mission is to help businesses focus more on other productive areas than having to worry about transporting their workers. We will be expanding our fleet to service more businesses within the state of Pennsylvania. Sunrise Daily charter Bus Company is a capital intensive venture.

We have committed considerable financial resources in establishing our business. An evaluation of our business activities has been done to determine our state of health. We are keen on using the results to reposition our business towards achieving greater efficiency. It has shown areas we are most competent in as well as those which require further improvement. We have been able to secure an agreement with two major corporations and 3 government agencies for the transport of their workforce to and from work.

This is a major demonstration of confidence in our ability to deliver. We have not failed either as we have been able to successfully carry this through. This is a selling point for future clients. We will schedule an appointment with you to get a clear understanding of the transport business that you plan to start.

With this information at hand, we will be able to describe your business in the plan script accurately. It is imperative to take into consideration the amount of money that you will need to start and run the business smoothly. These expenses are commonly referred to as financial costs. Knowing the total cost of starting the business will give you an idea of the amount of money that you should seek from the investment firms or financial institutions such as banks.

Our financial experts will help to calculate the total sum of money needed to start a transport business in the current economy. We will also go an extra mile and help you get a clear perspective of the expected gains as well as the amount of money that you will need to keep the company going as it scales up.

Other costs that we will analyze and include in your transport business plan include employee remunerations and licensing expenses. Marketing and advertising are one of the hurdles that new and small businesses need to find solutions to steer the business in the right direction. The firm venture executives will need to know how you will market and advertise your services.

A simple flaw in the marketing strategic business plan can reduce your chances of getting financing. Our marketing experts will help you come up with an ideal marketing and advertising plan and clearly, articulate the details in custom-made transport business plan. We will do this by evaluating the marketing strategies used by the existing transportation companies and projecting the future growth of the industry.

We will also put into consideration the total amount of money that you will need to market your services now and in the next few years as the industry advances and becomes more competitive. The professional transportation business plan will not do you any good if you do not have an operational and management plan. You need to come up with a plan on how you are going to manage the company. For example, you need to specify how you will be hiring and managing employees to give the venture firms confidence when investing in your business.

Clearly, it is important to have an expertly written business plan if you want to venture into the transport business. Call our able customer care support team to book an appointment with our team as well as get a deeper understanding of our company and the many consultancy services that we offer.

The bottom line is by having a team of experts working on your business plan, you can be sure that your business will start on the right foot. We look forward to helping you start and run the business successfully. Download Transport Business Plan Sample in pdf.

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