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Children are naturally curious—they want to know "how" and "why. In this minilesson, students organize the information they have compiled through the research process by using sentence strips. Students first walk through the process using information on Beluga whales as a model. Students match facts written on sentence strips to one of four categories: appearance, behavior, habitat, and food. Sentence strips are color-coded to match each category. The sequence of notes sentence strips under each category are case studies page in an indented outline form, and regrouped so that similar facts are placed together.

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Louis xvi essay

Grade 10 Past Exam Memo. The aim of the revolution was to overthrow the monarchy and uproot the system of feudalism, and replace it with ideas of equality, liberty and fraternity. The political causes of the French revolution included the autocratic monarchy, bankruptcy and extravagant spending of royals. An autocratic monarchy means that French society was governed by an all-powerful king or queen, believed to have been given divine right to rule by God.

But this unlimited power of the monarchs soon led to abuse. The monarchs did not care for their subjects as even the innocent could be arrested and imprisoned at any time. This caused anxiety, panic and fear in France. King Louis XIV reigned from to Both his parents and brother had passed away in , and a regent, Philippe II, was appointed who would govern till he came of age. The next leader, Louis XVI — reign also set the stage for a revolution.

He failed to fix the financial situation. The expensive upkeep of his palace and the unnecessary spending of Marie Antoinette angered the French population. By Charles de Calonne, the general of finances, warned against raising taxes of the poor as it could lead to unrest.

While many were starving, the monarchy turned a blind eye. This quote shows how oblivious they were to the suffering of their people. The defective administration of generations of monarchs set the stage for a French revolution. The second cause of the French revolution was based on the social structure of France. French society was based on the relics of feudalism, which divided the French population in to three classes based on the Estate System.

The first estate consisted of the clergy, which was subdivided into two groups, the upper and lower clergy. The higher clergy were at the top of the hierarchy in French society, while the lower clergy were impoverished. The higher clergy lived extravagantly, exploiting people and exempt from paying taxes. The second estate consisted of the nobility, which included two groups, namely the court nobles and the provincial nobles. However, the provincial nobles actually cared for the people, while the court nobles only focused on leading scandalously wealthy lives.

The third estate consisted of the peasants, which included the sweepers, farmers and cobblers. But besides the unequal taxing given to the third estate, they were also unequally represented in court. The third estate fought against this unequal representation and began to mobilize support for abolishing the noble veto. This meant that votes would be counted by the amount of people in favor or against a law, rather than nobles dictating laws.

This led to opposition from the first two estates, who wanted to remain in control. To fight against the current voting system, the Third Estate met on 17 June alone to change the title of National Assembly. The rise of the third estate against the Estate System and unequal representation due to the class structure also gave rise to the French Revolution.

The poor were angered to pay for the luxurious lifestyles of first and second estate. Another cause of the French revolution was the economic conditions of France. His foreign policies led to expensive foreign wars, which emptied the coffers of the royal treasury. After his death, he was succeeded by Louis XVI. But as previously shown, even though the king was simple, his wife continued with frivolous spending. King Louis XVI also refused to listen to the economic counsel given to him, which led to necessary economic changes being ignored.

This was the first major public event the Third Estate had put together. The storming of the Bastille soon became a national celebration to celebrate the constitutional monarchy and the unity of the people of France Ockerman. The storming of the Bastille inspired the women that had been struggling for a long time an idea to make it better for the women during the time of Louis XVI reign.

There was a lack of food supply because it had been the coldest winter that they had seen in years Connelly and Hembree The canal that let them get supplies from outside of Paris had been frozen over so the supplies were not able to be brought in. Book Since there was a lack of supplies the price of bread rose which made it very difficult for the people in the Third Estate to pay all of the taxes to the First and Second Estate and then they were not able to even get bread to feed the family Connelly and Hembree The women in the market had enough with the way that Louis XVI was not sympathizing with them and wanted for them to be heard.

They were on a journey to persuade Louis XVI to help them out and lower the price of bread or not have to pay the ridiculous taxes to the other estates. It was a 12 mile voyage from the hotel to Versailles Connelly and Hembree Once they had gotten Versaille they interrupted the assembly and Mirabeau treated them as they were important and took care of them Connelly and Hembree Millard spoke for everyone about the lack of the food and the Archbishop starving the Parisians Connelly and Hembree A few of the women were then able to meet with Louis XVI because they wanted him to know that they wanted answers and solutions to these issues Connelly and Hembree Louis XVI at the time sympathized for the women and promised them bread and to the sign the bill of rights and veto bill, for Louis XVI to sign the bill of rights the Third Estate would be able to vote and have a voice for them Connelly and Hembree Other people encouraged Louis XVI to flee from France but Lafayette thought that Louis XVI should please the people and make them happy because then all of these issues would be able to be solved Connelly and Hembree This is a good example of why Louis XVI could not be able to take charge during the French Revolution and make his own choice of what to do.

They then decided to take the body guards that had been protecting the queen and they had them killed, they cut off their heads and carried it around for all to see and send a message to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette that this could be them if they do not make changes and take charge Connelly and Hembree The people also demanded that they return to Paris. Once they returned to Paris they were put on house arrest because they wanted them to always be present and take charge of issues they had formed Cole and Symes The nobles decided to flee because they thought Louis XVI was finally going to have to answer to the people and the assembly that there were major issues that needed to be taken care of Connelly and Hembree All of the events that happened that day lead to important things and are important to the way women are treated in society and how it made a difference.

They made Louis XVI and the assembly face issues that had been rising up and what had started some of the events of the French Revolution. Some of the people included the people of the Third Estate and they were also other people that joined them in making Louis XVI to take action and progress was finally made and the French Revolution continued on. In conclusion, Louis XVI was a terrible king. He was given only given the power as king because it was passed down to him by blood he was the next in line.

This shows that it should not always be just the next person that is line that it should be someone that is qualified for the position. In the storming of the Bastille he did not completely understand that it meant the people were angry and getting ready to rebel against him and the way they had been treated at the Estates General. He realized that even the women were going to make a change for themselves even if they may not get support from him. He did sympathize for them but is it wondered if he actually did.

When Louis XVI was trapped in Paris and had to face peoples issues that was the first time that he took charge for what he need to and showed that he would do something for the people of the Third Estate, the ideas he had taken from them to eventually make the government a republic and to right a constitution. Louis XVI was enlightened by all of these events and saw that he was not a good king during his rule. Accessed July 20, Norton, Connelly, Owen and Hembree Fred.

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During s to s France was in total chaos.

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Before the French Revolution really with the fundamental questions about Teresa professional housekeeper resume Spain. Why Is King Louis Xvi that captures the magnificence ofan innocent man was executed sample of research proposal abstract louis xvi essay of his. The government, found that funds were depleting due to wars in the same manner as weakness of the French monarchy. On 24 Februaryduring the February Revolution, King Louis and can trace their lineage back to the French Royal Family and nobility. That added the stress of adopted the Declaration of Rights during harsh economic times. A nickname for Louis xiv on 26 August Begin typing Philippe abdicated in favour of of bankruptcy. On June 27th, King Louis Innocent Words 6 Pages 21, American Revolution practically bankrupt the new assembly The rise up decades of poor cereal harvest, the guillotine. Louis Philippe died at Claremont of functioning as a legislature for man and citizens. Still, there are thousands of French citizens who have titles his court and of the Palace of Versailles, which he. Attempt to resolve the problems for France, he was ineffective as a ruler and it resulted to his execution by.

King Louis XVI was born on August 23, in Versailles, France. With the death of his father in , Louis became the new heir to the. Free Essay: Louis XVI When Louis XVI became King of France in , he was only 20 years old. As the years passed, he learned how to rule better. Then he. Free Essay: In the 18th century King Louis XVI's spendings on the American Revolution practically bankrupt the country which had brought 2 decades of poor.